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Water Buffalo Treats 
About Honey I'm Home

Honey I’m Home is the perfect brand for dog lovers who care about the truth behind the treat: where it comes from, who made it, how it got here and what’s in it. They have quickly become a staple at independent pet stores nationwide. The perfect mix of sweet and savory, Honey I’m Home treats and chews are made from human-grade water buffalo out of India that are 100% grass fed, free range, grain free, and humanely raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.

Honey I’m Home’s motto, “Honoring Heards, Hives and Homes one dog treat at a time,” only scratches the surface of how far this company goes to develop products that are as sweet to the taste as they are strong in sustainability. These “taste good, do good” treats will leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth!

 All-Natural Pet Treats from Africa 

About Nandi of Africa

Nandi means “delicious” in the Zulu language. The wild delight experienced by your pet every time you give them a Nandi TM treat will be all the proof you’ll ever need of the promise in our name. We offer pet treats made from uniquely African proteins. This not only includes novel proteins such as Ostrich and Venison, but also our traditional proteins like Kalahari Lamb, Cape Fish and Nguni Beef – a cattle breed indigenous to Africa. That our treats are 100% African isn’t the only thing that makes them special. Our treats are made from sustainably sourced proteins free from hormones and routine antibiotics. Our treats are made without artificial preservatives, added grains or unnatural fillers. This makes Nandi TM treats incredibly healthy and nutritious for your pet. Our treats are so good in fact, that you might feel tempted to try one yourself.

Healthy Food. Healthy Pet. Healthy Planet.

Nutrient Dense Pet Food for Healthy Diets
About Nobl

Who is NOBL you may ask? Well, they are two former corporate pet food execs who saw the need to put our Pets Before Profits by creating a nutrient dense food that is both a complete and balanced meal. 

Dr Ryan Yamka and Jim Galovski have created a beautiful formula using only natural ingredients that we all know and understand, in a freeze dried form to preserve nutrients. They’ve eliminated unnecessary starches and carbohydrates, as every ingredient in their phenomenal food bars serves a purpose.  

Not only are the food bars convenient and easy to use when feeding your pets, as there is no need to add water, and are great for on the go adventures, but you’re dogs are also loving the palatability of the different protein options and enjoying their food as if they are receiving a treat. NOBL produces a highly digestible diet that is fully transparent with the results of third party analytical studies of the food. 
Basically, they’ve made it easy for us to make the right choice for our pets, because there is NO BULL about it ! 
CBD Pet Treats and Biscuits
About Austin and Kat

Austin and Kat began with a simple desire to make pet’s lives better. Using only wholesome and real ingredients, we combine the benefits of functional botanicals and natural supplements with the astonishing efficacy of hemp. We use only the highest grade, full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally-occurring CBD – organically grown and cleanly processed at our partner farms in Oregon and Colorado. By using US-grown hemp from right in our own backyard, we can be certain your best friends will avoid harmful pesticides and extraction residues that may be found in lesser products.

We never forget our humble beginnings when, in 2014, Kat began baking CBD treats in her home kitchen to support her aging pup. What was once a small-scale experiment has now grown into a resounding success story – and as a company today we are proud to be a respected leader in the hemp and wellness industry. But rest assured, we’re a real company with real people (and real pets!) behind the scenes. We’re one of the very first wellness CBD products for pets to market, and we maintain our integrity in this space with our complete and utter dedication to nothing but the very best.

With classic products and brand-new functional lines to choose from, there’s bound to be something for every pet owner. Helping you have healthier, calmer, and happier pets has been Austin and Kat’s mission from the very start – giving pets only the very best is what we do.

 All-Natural Pet grooming Products
About Kin + Kind
Kin + Kind was founded by twin siblings Janine & Thomas, whom both worked at a local pet store around the block from where they lived from the early age of 16. When Janine turned 22 she opened her own store called Animal Crackers, and being a huge animal rescuer, was reached out to about a pitbull in need of a foster home. Seeing the state of the pitbull named Mishka’s bald patches, hot spots, dry skin, she immediately changed the dogs diet to help reduce inflammation and help her hair grow back. As a store owner, she used every single grooming product available to her, and nothing seemed to do the trick. She also refused the doctors recommendations to place Mishka on steroids and topicals, and instead began to research natural remedies that she has since then developed into the Kin + Kind brand expressing a bigger concern for product ingredients rather than profits and bottom lines.
The Kin + Kind mission is to save the world, one itchy pet at a time offering products that are made in the USA, vet tested and cruelty free. All of the products use minimal ingredients encompassing only essential oils and raw superfoods. Kin + Kind is a Certified USDA Organic producer of pet grooming and wellness products that are GMO free, smell delicious, and leave your pets coat feeling smooth and healthy.
Human Grade SuperFood Based Dog Treats
About Lord Jameson
Lord Jameson is an organic dog treat company on a mission to elevate the uniquely special bond that you share with your four-legged family member. Their foundation and core principle is built on a never-ending promise to love your dog like our very own, and to treat your dog to the healthiest culinary experience. 
The exceptional flavors are achieved by using real holistic ingredients with nutritional benefits.  What better way to a dog’s heart than with delicious treats. Each treat is hand-rolled in coconut shreds, and flavorfully heightens the senses including sight, smell and taste. If dogs could give Michelin stars, these treats would surely be on the list.
Cricket Based Dog Food and Treats 
About Jiminy's

Dogs (and humans) have been eating insects for thousands of years. But, at Jiminy’s, we are one of the first to add powdered cricket protein to our dog food and treats. AND, we’re working with experts to better understand and unlock the many health benefits for our dogs!

When we started, there was still a question about whether dogs can digest cricket protein. We decided to answer that question! Jiminy’s partnered with Iowa State to take a deep dive into digestibility and cricket protein scored as high in digestibility as chicken or beef.

We worked with Animal Biome to study the impact of cricket protein’s fiber component on the dog’s gut. And great news – cricket protein supports a healthy, balanced level of gut bacteria diversity (gut micro-biome) in dogs.

Beef, chicken, lamb, soy and even fish are the most common ingredients that trigger dog allergies. Vets are already using Jiminy’s in elimination diets because cricket protein is not an allergen.

 Eco-Friendly Pet Products
About Beco Pets
Make great choices for the planet while also making your pets happy too. Beco’s truly eco-friendly line of products is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to clearly demonstrate your retail store is taking steps to minimize environmental impact while offering exceptional quality, innovation and price.
Since 2009 Beco has been on a mission to create the best possible products for cats and dogs while doing as little harm to the environment. Choosing Beco’s recycled plastic toys recycles over 1.8 million plastic bottles each year and the Beco degradable poop bag eliminates over 48 million plastic bags from polluting our oceans.
Show your customers that you are making great choices for the planet by offering Beco products and that you are proud to ally with Mother Nature and enable your customers to do the same. 
Gourmet Cat Food
About Scrumptious From Scratch

Scrumptious From Scratch is a new gourmet line of cat food that offers the highest quality shredded cuts of chicken, turkey and flaked seafoods in gravy. Every Scrumptious recipe is made with Real Meat, with Low Ash, High Protein and No mechanically separate meat, No GMO, No Artificial Colors, No Carrageenan, No Gluten, No Grain, just More Meat and less money!

Scrumptious from Scratch recipes use red meat tuna, which is a preferred taste to cats over light meat tuna, chicken and beef. Red Meat Tuna is also rich in high quality protein to help support muscle growth, and is highly digestible for a healthy digestive tract. 

They have won numerous awards and recognitions for their manufacturing practices on marine fishing sustainability, as well as supply chain sustainability. 

Scrumptious uses shredded meat and flakes of seafood versus mechanically deboned meat ensuring that you are feeding your feline family members real meat versus the process of MDM, where every bit of “meat” is ground together and you end up feeding your cats more than you thought, including muscles, tendons, gills, eyes, etc.

Scrumptious is the purr-fect top quality premium line of food to feed your cats that won’t break the bank! 

Health and Hygiene Products 
About Vetworthy

Vet Worthy® is a brand that has team that makes up for over 61 years of experience in the pet industry. Vet Worthy’s founder, Chuck Francis, sits on the board of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), so who better to understand the “the industry’s efforts to educate and improve the quality of pet wellness products.”

The range of products are made with innovative formulas and held to the highest manufacturing standards, that are all developed by veterinarians using globally sourced ingredients for specific animal needs and conditions.

They make chewable tablets, soft chews, capsules, powders, lotions, creams, gels, pastes, as well as medical supplies for our four legged companions. The products are easy to administer and as an added bonus, pets love the flavors. Every Vet Worthy® wellness product is safe, has superior quality standards (current Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMP) and is made to support each of our pet’s unique needs.

Vet Worthy® is going above and beyond their way to bring the most innovative and cutting-edge science into the formulas for the products they create. They stand by their motto, which we certainly agree with, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Grooming Products
About Vanderpump Pets

Vanderpump Pets, brought to life by Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, and their adorable pup Giggy, is a collection of luxury accessories that will help you spoil your pooches the way they deserve to be spoiled! Vanderpump is a passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur who wanted to find a way to mix fashion and luxury with giving back to the world of dogs. As such, Vanderpump Pets was born.

The brand was created to help benefit the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization focused on ending dog torture both locally and internationally, and rescuing dogs from neglect and abusive situations worldwide.

As the Dog Foundation developed, Vanderpump found the need to be more careful in using gentle and organic grooming products on rescued dogs that already demonstrated major sensitivity and skin issues, in order to restore them to health. Vanderpump Pets created the perfect synergy of cruelty-free, vegan, organic and essential oil infused products known as the Vanderpuff grooming line.

The brand extends to a line of leashes, collars, toys, carriers, apparel, dog bowls, and with every purchase from both the Vanderpump Pets and Vanderpuff product lines, a percentage goes towards the Vanderpump Dog Foundation with the full intention to #StopTheTorture.

Holistic CBD Products
About Odessa's

Odessa Gunn was born in Canada and came to the US on an athlete’s visa to race her road bike making it to the World Cup circuit to race professionally for two years. Throughout her career, she slowly began to dedicate most of her free time to animal rescue and advocacy. During her ten-year stint in Spain, she started a trap/neuter/release program in Girona, Spain for stray cats and dogs to Belgium and the US where they could find loving homes.

After returning to the US full-time, Odessa got involved in preparing position statements for the Sonoma Humane Society, volunteered weekly doing animal-assisted therapy with at-risk kids at the Forget Me Not Farm, where she is currently the Vice President of the Board of Directors. Simultaneously, she has also developed programs that rescue dogs out of the meat trade in China and sent back to the US for adoption.

Over the last 17 years she has fostered over 200 animals, and currently resides on her farm in Forestville, California where she cares for her own 21 rescued animals. Having seen a lot of different methods and drugs–mostly pharmaceuticals–used to treat various ailments of the animals she has served in her life, Odessa is aware of the big industry practices to over prescribe pain drugs to pets that can have some nasty, long-lasting side effects.

Pets that have been rescued are usually in a fair amount of pain, and while there is certainly a time and place for pharmaceuticals in the animal world, Odessa is a strong believer that they are not always necessary. She created her own pet line of CBD products hoping to share with the animal world a more organic and natural way to treat pain and other problems found in pets.

Using only organically grown hemp from farms across the USA, Odessa’s Essential Health products are all laboratory tested to insure the importance of offering only the highest quality CBD for your pet. Being an athlete, she has created a range of products that keep in mind, that there are also pets that are highly active and hike, jog, run, even skateboard with us on our daily routines. Odessa’s Essential Health is the perfect CBD brand for the active pet, that also extends extraordinary CBD benefits to every pet in general.

The Original Dog Training Potty Doorbell
About Poochie Bells
Coming soon…
Healthy Meals
About Under the Weather

Under the Weather® was inspired by a dog named Ruffy, and created by a conscientious pet parent, Kyla Sternlieb, who recognized the need for a convenient solution for hard working, busy pet parents. When Ruffy, a Wheaten Terrier, was recommended a “bland diet” by their veterinarian after having had digestive upset stomach issues, Kyla became determined to develop this line of products using only the highest quality ingredients that take the time and inconvenience of having to shop and cook whenever our beloved pets get sick out of the picture.

Now, we have this wonderful product that every pet owner should always have in their pantry. It is 100% the best solution for pet lovers who work, and benefit from the ease of quickly opening the freeze-dried bland diets up, merely adding water, and having the food they require to restore their dogs to health for a couple of days.

Their products won an Industry Recognition Award by Pet Business magazine in December 2017, and have since expanded to include dog and cat supplements, hemp-based soft chews and bone broth mixed into the bland diets.

Under the Weather® is an avid supporter of rescuing homeless pets. A portion of every sale supports the Ruffy Rescue Transport Fund to finance the transportation and neutering costs for bringing shelter animals from overpopulated areas of the USA to Vermont for adoption.

Unique Blends of CBD Infused Honey
About Colorado Hemp Honey
Colorado Hemp Honey is a veteran and family owned company in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We produce the most diverse line of raw honeys infused with a proprietary blend of Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract. The hemp extract contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients.
Certified Organic essential oils provide flavor and additional unique benefits to pets and people. Created by bee keepers and hemp farmers, our products are a unique and delicious way to enjoy all of the benefits of both hemp and honey.
Biodegradable bags
About Grabbies

Grabbies is changing the way we pick up our pets poo, by creating eco-friendly, earth conscious, sustainable, all natural, plant-based gloves and mitts that are made in the U.S.A. Grabbies were designed as alternative products to plastic, with the goal to help eliminate plastic buildup in landfills and oceans.

They are rightly creating a consciousness in our minds of just how much we attribute to plastic use and consumption that leads to waste ending up in landfills and oceans.

According to the American Pet Products Association nearly 70% of all U.S. households own a pet, the equivalent of 60.2 million households, with dogs being the most popular pet by far. As dog owners, we are aware of just how much plastic we use every time we pick up poop. That’s a lot of plastic waste.

There is no better word to describe this amazing brand that is bringing us revolutionary products other than magnificent, and there is no better way to help do our part to protect the environment than by starting to make small changes such as switching from plastic poop bags, to 100% compostable poo-paw mitts. Spread the word!

All-Natural Skin Care Products
About Lucky Pup

Lucky Pup is such a great brand, because every product you see is 100% made by Owner and Founder, Kerry Carter. She worked as a pharmacy technician for over 15 years, where she learned what products and creams work and what just doesn’t. Being someone who believes in the more holistic and natural way of curing skin issues, Kerry began her own Bee Happy brand of natural bee based products ranging from moisturizes to balms for humans.

Residing in Erie, Colorado, where it gets cold with snowy winters, Tony, Kerry’s Golden Retriever, was all too eager to dig and play outside. One day he came inside with a cut up nose that appeared raw, pink and bubbly from a snow burn. Having only Neosporin in her medicine cabinet, Kerry decided she was going to make something for Tony’s nose.

Having cured Tony’s nose within days, she realized the potential of beeswax, aloe, lanolin and shea butter mixed together as a perfect blend to soothe dryness and injuries on dogs.

Lucky Pup is a great natural remedy for pet owners who need something soft and organic that works by curing noses, elbows and paws without leaving a sticky trail behind on the floors.

CBD Pet Products
About One Farm by WAAYB
One Farm by WAAYB was founded in January 2017 with the goal of creating the highest quality CBD products in the market. When we began the process, we quickly realized that hardly anyone provided information about how the hemp was grown, processed or extracted. This made it difficult to decipher if you were getting a quality product or something with traces of pesticides, heavy metals and solvents.
We wanted our products to be made with the best hemp, grown organically in the perfect climate, extracted without toxic solvents, and mixed with quality ingredients. We decided the only way to accomplish this was to oversee every aspect of production from planting, harvesting, extracting and bottling… so that is what we did! By controlling everything from seed to shelf, we give you the assurance that everything we make is from our USDA Certified Organic hemp, lovingly raised, cultivated and processed 100% by us in Colorado. One Farm is one of a small handful of CBD Brands that is both USDA Certified Organic and is also Single Sourced ensuring the highest quality CBD pet products.
Artistic Pet Products
About Whimsical Collection

Whimsical Collection aims to promote the plight of endangered African animals and make donations from every sale of their products to The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province which rears babies that have lost their mothers to poaching.

Their paper products are produced from a registered sustainable forest, with the goal being to keep their footprint green and hoping to inspire buyers to do likewise.

Each product in the whimsical family has been hand crafted with the bags and pillows made in their studio located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Since their launch in August 2013, they’ve expanded their workspace and team substantially. Whimsical Collection will continue to empower local communities and remain faithful to African animals as they battle to survive.